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Play and Stay on the same day!

Earn valuable points toward a same day stay with us!


What is the Play and Stay promotion? It is a way for a guest to earn a free night stay outside of the standard mail room offers. No need to ask a Casino Host.

How do I earn a free night? Before 11:59pm:• Earn 150 base points** for a free night in the RV park (seasonal months)• Earn 500 base points** for a free night that is good Sunday through Thursday.• Earn 750 base points** for a free night that is good any day of the week.

When can I earn the points? From 4 am until 11:59 pm

If I print my 500 point free room, can I still earn the 750 point room? Once one ticket is printed, the promotion is gone for the day.

If I don’t print my ticket before 11:59 pm, will it be there in the morning? The tickets disappear after 11:59pm.

Once my ticket is printed, how long do I have to use it? It expires in 7 days.

I earned my free night stay, does this guarantee me a room in the hotel? It is based on availability. It is best to make your reservation ahead of time.

I already paid for my room. But I earned a free night. Can I get a refund? Yes. Make sure to turn the ticket into the front desk BEFORE you check out.

**Points are base points only! This does not include bonus/promotional points earned.

*Blackout dates do apply. Bay Mills Resort and Casino reserves the right to cancel or modify this promotion at any time. The decision of Bay Mills Resort and Casino Management is final.

Event Dates & Times
April 21, 2023 - December 30, 2024
All Day
Every Day, Starting From Apr 21 2023 Until Dec 30 2024